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How to Cure Your Bridgerton Fever

Muze Paris - How to Cure Your Bridgerton Fever ?

If you're reading this, I can venture to say that you succumbed to the Bridgerton fever. The lust, the dramas, the romance and above all, the fashion prompted the whole world to binge watch the entire show in one night. On the first season, Daphne Bridgerton, portrayed by Phoebe Dynevor, had a tremendous 104 costume changes. And she had us from the first minutes with her gracefully gorgeous wardrobe mostly made of the blue, with some white and gold touches. For these new eight episodes released on the 25th, the costume designer went further. This is a real eye candy for fashionista like us. It is therefore no great surprise that the series quickly escalated into a fashion trend. Lyst Insights reported that in the first four weeks of the show’s release, “searches for corsets (+123%), pearl and feather headbands (+49%), long gloves (+23%) and empire line dresses (+93%)” skyrocketed.  

Indeed, what a better way of curing our regencycore craze than dressing up like the main character? Keep scrolling to find beautiful present-day eco-friendly items that Daphne would surely buy.

Even after all these tips, Bridgerton fever may be stuck with us forever. But do not worry, because Bridgerton has been officially renewed for a third season to consume!

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