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Eternal Sunshine Of Greek Allure

Eternal Sunshine Of Greek Allure
The Greek mythology is capable of making everyone agree. It doesn’t matter where you come from, what your religion is or if you don’t have one, we have all lost ourselves in reading about these fascinating legends at least once. To highlight the importance of our brand’s name (not chosen by chance), we want to tell the story of the Muzes, where it all began.
A very long time ago, from the union of Zeus and Mnemosine, nine incredible creatures were born. In fact, they were the divinities of arts (song, dance, poetry, theatre, music), always represented in the act of celebrating creativity : Clio with her parchment, Euterpe with her flute, Erato with her cithara, Thalia with her comic mask, Melpomène with her tragedy mask, Polymnie with her flowery pearl crown and Urania with her globe and compas. Certainly not a role for everyone, they were protected by Apollo and symbols of the Olympic, the only ones together with their father to be addressed this way.
But the amazing thing is that when the legend ended, Muzes continued to exist. The name “muze” which is hijacked from “muse” stands for an independent and confident woman, assimilated to a goddess, who is her own source of inspiration to create with fantasy. Indeed, the world is still inspired by their strength and charm day after day, they remain their own source of wonder as well. Thousands around the world, infinite names and abilities. Yes, if you are wondering, we are talking about YOU.

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