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Thoughtfully designed to last over time, your Muze Paris pieces must still be looked after with care! So if you too - like co-founder Romane - tend to shrink in the wash or burn in the iron everything, then follow our care instructions to keep your swimsuits in perfect condition season after season.


Choose Where To Sit Your Booty


First and foremost, you have to be careful about where you put your little butt! Rough surfaces like rocks and rattan chairs are your worst enemies - no matter what you wear! So if you want to avoid drama (aka wholes), always take a foutah in your bag.


Rinse Between Every Dip


When returning from the beach or swimming pool, remember to rinse your swimsuit in clear and cold water. The sooner the better as salt and chlorine can dull colors over time. A quick shower between each dip remains the best of the best.


Handwash Gently


To avoid any tragedy, do not put your swimsuits in the washing machine, even on the delicate or hand-wash cycle. Water temperatures in washing machines are incredibly hard to regulate and the detergents made for machines are far too strong for our fabrics and jewelries. The ideal is to wash by hand, in cold or tepid water. Prefer the use of a detergent for delicate laundry. You don’t have any? No panic, your shampoo should do the job! Then make sure to rinse thoroughly in cold water until all soap is gone. And of course, don't let the swim set soak in soapy water, at the risk of leaving traces.


Wring Like A Pro


Now the spinning! Never ever tumble dry your swimsuit! Never! And don't twist your pieces either. Fold them into a sort of ball and gently squeeze out the water.


Shun From The Sun


Once washed and pressed, it is time to dry. Contrary to what you might think, drying your swimsuit - and your laundry in general - in the sun is not a top idea. Indeed, the sun risks to discolor it irreversibly! Therefore, lay it flat on a towel in the shade. Pay attention to never hang the piece, clothespins could stretch and spoil the delicate fabric. Make sure your suit is completely dry before storing it.


Keep The Iron Away


Even if your swimsuit is recycled, like the Muze Paris ones, it is forbidden to iron them. This is because our nylon is regenerated from, among other things, marine plastic waste like bottles and fishing nets. Unless you want to see your swimsuit melt, do not iron it.


Avoid Any Chemical Products


Sun cream, tanning cream, chlorine, hot tubs and bleach can extremely damage and discolor suits, so we recommend avoid contact with these substances. You should also handle our jewels in acetate with care and use the pouch for the transport. We won't assume responsibility for any damages the suit or jewelry may incur if you don't follow the instructions above.