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Time Travel in Women’s Fierce

Time Travel in Women’s Fierce

Nowadays almost all women can wear skirts or trousers, get a school education, work, express opinions and vote… in one simple word, they can be themselves. But it has not always been in that way and it is thanks to past risings of those who have not recognised themselves in social and cultural systems, that we can now go and do whatever we desire.

But why is March 8th an International festivity?

Time to go back in time to the early 1900s, when two relevant events happened in the world with women as main characters.

We are in New York, it’s 1911 and in a textile fabric female workers are complaining about their labouring conditions. When a fire happens, thousands of them die because the fabric doors have been closed to prevent them from exiting.

Later in the years we arrive on the other side of the world, it’s March 8th 1917 and in Russia workers are publicly fighting for their rights. Guess what? Also young girls stand up with courage and authority to achieve freedom.

It will be then the United States that first thought to a special day dedicated to the importance of women in society. Then other countries followed the idea and in 1921 a unique international date was set in our calendars and has held out to the present.

Since these two historical facts, day after day we - incredible women around the world - have moved to make our voices heard, to change systems that do not reflect us. Everyday, when we step outside and live our lives wearing our incredible fierce, we come out winners.

It’s not just a day.

It’s a way of seeing us: unbreakable creatures.

Photo by the talented @nellcrapart

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