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4 Séries for 4 Muzes

Muzes on Netflix Series - Muze Paris Swimwear

Slumped on my couch, bingewatching yet another series, a sudden question popped into my mind: if our muses were actresses, what series would they have starred in? A night of reflection followed, and I share my findings in these few lines.


While thinking about Érato, a series came directly to my mind: to all the boys I loved. Érato, muse of lyrical poetry and love could have embodied the role of Lara Jean to perfection. The soft lyric melodies would have been retranscribed through a pen where words of tenderness and love intermingle.


Melpomène would be perfect in the Bridgeton Chronicles. You have the vision. She would have made the perfect role of Charlotte the Queen of the United Kingdom. Majestic, richly dressed and proud, Melpomène would have imposed her aura.


Clio, the muse of history, I could see her in Watchmen. A vigilante fighting crimes and injustices with her badge justifying all her actions. She would have been really badass fighting crime with her Clio armor from Muze.


Uranie, I see her as the good friend, smiling and always with good advice. That's why I would have seen her in the role of Naomi in 902 010 Beverly Hills. So yes, it's a long time ago, only the oldest among us will know, but Naomi is ready to do anything for her friends. Another bonus, she is the fashion icon of the series, we would have seen her in one of our swimsuits

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