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Bachelorette Muzes

Bachelorette Party - Muze Paris Swimwear
Oh summer ! The season we're all waiting for. This warm and colorful season is also often the period chosen by the future bride and groom to celebrate their union because what could be better than saying "I do" to your soul mate under a summer sun?
But before the big day, every self-respecting muze must have a bachelorette party. Pools, cocktails, musics, friends: the perfect combo to say goodbye to your single lady life. And of course every detail counts, especially the swimsuit. We opt for Euterpe in white for the queen of this weekend while her bridesmaids can wear a mix of terracotta pieces.

Swimming, tanning and then party. You just have to put on a skirt with a slit over your swimsuit, add a pair of heels and you are ready to finish this fabulous day on the dancefloor.

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