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Your Belly is Fashion

Your Belly is Fashion - Muze Paris Swimwear
Sunny days are back so it is the opportunity bring our crop tops out again of the closet! But, why settle for leaving your belly visible in the open air when you can style it with a body chain?

These are jewels surrounding the waist or the hips which enhance the shilouette. By highlighting the body in these strategic places, the chain gives a sleek and refined look. This chain match with all shapes of bodies giving elegance and feminity to the one who wears it. She can style an outfit and even be the outfit itself. Whether it is a thick or discrete chain, original or sober, colored or neutral, there is something to suit all tastes. At Muze Paris, we have already taken the plunge of body jewelry! Our swimsuits matching perfectly with these jewelries accessorizing our pieces. Whether gold or silver, white, black and terracotta will pair perfectly with these.

Now it's your turn to embellish your Muze swimsuit with a body chain. It's a muze silhouette guaranteed for the summer!

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