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Give Me Noir

Give Me Noir - Muze Paris Swimwear

If there is one certainty in this life, it is the undisputed presence of black on the podium of fashion. Why is it such a popoular colour?

Generally, we all refer to black as the absence of colour in contrast with the brighter white. This is because the first one is the result of the subtractive synthesis of all the others. Black is associated with timeless elegance and style, echoing a delicate and determined woman. Since Chanel first broke the scene with her simple long sleeves black dress, every generation of women have gone to the found of this perfect easy piece to have in their closet. You can immediately feel put all together with just a black jeans and a t-shirt. It goes well with everything, easy to combine, hard to give up. Is it a coincidence that this palette’s incredible main character is also the colour of chocolate? Something warm, bitter, sweet, capable of healing everything. I don’t think so!

Although it is a symbol of the absence of light, it has the power to absorb it. By entering a room full of vibrant tones, every eye will surely be captured by the noir charm at least for a few seconds. And to enrich the “wow effect”, play with accessories. They are here to give power and outline the chicness.

The trends of this upcoming season do not matter if you have a black top with you. Have you check our tops Clio, Erato and Melpomene on our e-shop? You will rock every party or dinner out. For a dazzling look at the beach or on a shopping spree, wear our Euterpe one-piece in black and your day will be even more beautiful!

Sorry Marilyn, no diamonds for us: black is girls’ real best friend!

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